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Virtex®-7 FPGA Development Boards

Virtex®-7 FPGA Development Boards

What is Series-7?

The Vemeko FPGA families offer portable FPGA-based solutions that can cover high-volume to ultra-high-end applications. The arrangement of Spartan-6 BRAMs is 18-Kbit blocks that can be split into two 9-Kbit blocks. Each Spartan-7 FPGA BRAM may be set up as two 18-Kbit memories and has a 36-Kbit capacity. Logic synthesis will automatically retarget the larger Spartan-7 BRAMs for the majority of applications.

Virtex®-7 FPGA Development Boards

Overview of Virtex®-7 FPGA

With best-in-class performance/watt fabric, DSP performance, and I/O bandwidth for customer designs, AMDÔÇÖs Virtex-7 FPGAs are geared for system performance and integration at 28 nm. Applications for the series include 10G to 100G networking, portable radar, and ASIC prototyping.

The fastest Virtex®-7 T and XT FPGAs are available in speed classes of -3, -2, -1, and -2L, with -3 having the best performance. The -2L devices are screened for lower maximum static power and operate at VCCINT = 1.0V. A -2L device has the same speed specification as a -2 speed grade. Devices implementing Stacked Silicon Interconnect (SSI) technology are capable of the -2G speed grade. The -2G speed grade enables 12.5 Gb/s GTX or 13.1 Gb/s GTH transceivers in addition to meeting the requirements for the -2 speed grade.

The DC and AC properties of the Virtex-7 T and XT FPGA are specified for use in commercial, extended, industrial, and military temperature ranges. All DC and AC electrical properties are the same for a specific speed grade, with the exception of the working temperature range or unless otherwise specified (for example, the timing characteristics of a -1M speed grade military device are the same as those of a -1C speed grade commercial device). In each temperature range, however, only a few speed grades and/or devices are offered. The requirements for junction temperature and supply voltage are all based on the worst-case scenario. The parameters are applicable to common applications and popular designs.

Virtex®-7 FPGA Table

Virtex®-7 FPGA Development Boards

Virtex®-7 FPGA Features

Virtex®-7 FPGA Applications

Advantages of Virtex®-7 FPGA

With high performance/watt fabric, DSP performance, and I/O bandwidth for your designs, VirtexTM 7 FPGAs are optimized for system performance and integration at 28nm. Applications for the series include 10G to 100G networking, portable radar, and ASIC prototyping.

Performances of Virtex®-7 FPGA

Incredible Logic Performance in a Small Package: Unprecedented levels of performance and logic processing are available from the Xilinx Virtex-7 family of FPGAs, all of which are housed on a 28 nm, power-efficient chip. Up to two million logic cells, 6.8 billion transistors, and 12.5 Gb/s serial transceivers can all be found in a single device thanks to its scalable architecture. On 3U VPX, XMC, and 6U LRM FPGA processor cards, X-ES uses the Virtex-7ÔÇÖs high-bandwidth, low-latency processing to provide unmatched performance in harsh conditions.

Achieve New Levels of Signal Processing: Precision-engineered Virtex-7 FPGAs are designed to deliver cutting-edge performance on a single chip, using less power than equivalent multi-chip solutions. The ultra-high end bandwidth, high throughput, and capacity that Virtex-7 FPGAs can reliably supply will benefit even the most demanding logic-processing applications. In order to help developers and free them up to concentrate on application development rather than hardware integration, X-ES provides an FPGA Development Kit (FDK) for our Virtex-7 FPGA modules. This kit comes with an X-ES validated and proven sample design.

Virtex-7 Delivers Solutions for SDR

All critical resources SDR applications

Virtex-7 53X61 3U VPX Module

Virtex®-7 FPGA Development Boards
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