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How to Change Pi Bluetooth Name?

change pi bluetooth name

change pi bluetooth name


Many of the people search how to change the raspberry pi Bluetooth name, Having many raspberry pis with the same Bluetooth name can create confusion and Bluetooth being one of the popular feature of this mini device.

Apart from this funny joke Bluetooth is widely used in Raspberry pi and mobile phones for nearby wireless connectivity such as headphones, RC cars and home automation.

So in this Tutorial we are going to change our pi Bluetooth name which is raspberry by default.

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Let’s Change PI Bluetooth Name

Hello and welcome to high voltages, So the first thing you have to do is to create a file machine-info in etc directory. You can do that by typing

sudo nano /etc/machine-info 

in shell.

Nano editor will be opened and you have to type,

PRETTY_HOSTNAME= Bluetooth Name 

lets write high Voltages and then press Ctrl+X and then write y and press enter.

Now you will need to restart bluetooth service, you can do that by rebooting pi or by typing

Service Bluetooth restart

and you will need to enter password the default password is raspberry you are done.

Now lets make it discover able and check it on mobile.


Hopefull by following this tutorial you will have successfully changed the bluetooth default name .

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