Empowering Your IoT Projects: A Closer Look at the Iot Relay

Let's dive into its features and applications!

By High Voltages

Connecting with Ease

Build the IoT effortlessly. Connect your devices safely with the IoT Relay. No drivers needed—just two wires for seamless integration with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Galileo, and more.

Versatility in Control

Experience unmatched control with the IoT Relay. Easily switch between microcontrollers or AC input voltage. No adjustments needed, just pure flexibility.

Efficient Power Management

Efficient Power Management

The IoT Relay's internal circuitry is a marvel of efficiency. Operating on just 1/5W unswitched and 1.1W activated, it's a green choice for energy-conscious projects.

Rugged Reliability and Availability

 The IoT Relay, crafted with US design and QC, offers robust solutions for your projects. Available on Amazon with a 1-year warranty.