Top 5 IoT protocols

Top 5 IoT protocols

By High Voltages

IoT protocols are the rules and standards that govern communication between IoT devices. In this story you will learn popular IoT protocols.

MQTT Protocol

1. Publish/subscribe Model 2. lightweight and efficient 3. well suited for resource-constrained devices. 4. bi-directional communication 5.simple, extensible data


Tag: widely used, flexible, efficient

HTTPS Protocol

1. secure protocol for data transmission. 2. uses encryption to protect data. 3. help prevent unauthorized access to IoT devices 4. Implementing HTTPS on IoT devices can be challenging. 5.widely used in banking and financial institutes.


Tag: security


1. broker-based architecture 2. supports a wide range of messaging patterns, including p2p, pub/sub, and request/response. 3. ensures the reliability and delivery of messages 4. open standard 5. high performance, reliability, and security.


Tag: real-time data processing


1. for constrained-networks 2. based on the HTTP and RESTful web architecture 3. simple, lightweight, and efficient 4. multicast,message transparency, and request/response features 5. can be easily integrated with other web-based protocols


Tag: power efficiency


1. Lightweight M2M for IoT 2. For efficient communication between constrained devices 3. Uses a client/server architecture 4. Device management, security, and application layer  features 5. Supported by a wide range of platforms and languages


Tag: low overhead and support for secure and reliable communication

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