Applications of MQTT protocol

Applications of MQTT protocol

By High Voltages

MQTT was developed in 1999, to monitor oil pipelines over the satellite.

Here are 6 applications  you (probably) didn’t know.

Facebook messenger uses MQTT for to achieve phone-to-phone delivery in hundered of milliseconds.

1. Facebook Messenger

Majority of intelligent home automation systems employ MQTT e.g. Jarvis (Mark Zuckerbergs automation.)

2. Smart Homes

Most of Wearables uses MQTT protocol due to constrained memory, bandwidth capabilities and its lightweight design.

3. Wearables

MQTT protocol and IoT sensors for agricultural provide for seamless data gathering and access to cloud servers.

4. Smart Farming

Low-power sensors that are used to monitor remote environments frequently operate in places with bad internet connections and MQTT works well with them.

5. Remote Sensing

Smart meters  can broadcast data with ensured message delivery for precise meter readings in real-time using MQTT.

6. Smart Metering



Applications , and benefits of MQTT