High Voltages arduino


We Provide complete solution to your Arduino based projects whether it is for school or you are trying to replace any ready-made device. We can provide you range of solutions for your problems. The delivery will consist of Arduino code, Schematic, Documentation and Remotely setup.

High Voltages Raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi

We have a team that can help you complete your Raspberry pi-based projects. Either it is an IoT based project or Photobooth. You can buy this service for any project related to raspberry pi. We will write a program in python to do your desired Task.



Python is currently the hottest programming language and we provide solutions such as data analysis, GUI, data visualization, machine learning, web scraping or networking using python programming language.

circuit design

Circuit Design

Stuck at Circuit Logics, don’t worry! We can help you design your circuits; we can help you in analog or digital logic-based circuits. You just need to explain us what you want to achieve.

high voltages desktop app

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications make it easy for the user to interact with the hardware. We can help you made Desktop or Raspberry pi GUI that will be connected to your hardware and can control your actuators or sense your sensors.

high voltages android app

android apps

With the popularity of IoT, the controlling and sensing of sensors has been made easy. You can control your appliances from anywhere. We can built android apps for your IoT projects using Android Studio or Python based Kivy platform.



Arduino DataLogger


Eye Sight Test App For Raspberry Pi


Shopping Cart App For Raspberry Pi