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Wireless technology is one of the hottest topics in the field of electronics. Wireless Headphones are expensive to buy, but you can make one for your wireless communication project or your hobby. So keeping this in mind, we made this low-cost Project which can reproduce audio from the TV, Radio, Mobile phone, and i-pod without disturbing others. It does not use any wired connection between the source of audio and headphones. Instead, the transmission of audio is using an IR sensor and receiver.

Hence, this Project is an excellent DIY project for learning the concepts of wireless communication, signal, and system and digital signal processing.


Infrared wireless headphones consist of two parts i.e., IR Transmitter and IR Receiver. The working of this Infrared wireless circuit is, when the audio input signal is inputted to the Transmitter, the IR LEDs get brighter, and it transmits the signals. On the other side, we have an IR Receiver, which receives the signal coming from the Transmitter. The transistors amplify the signal and we receive that audio signal on headphones connected to the Receiver.

The central part of the Project is IR sensors because these components are the reason for wireless communication. And the range of the circuit depends on the positions of Transmitter LEDs and Phototransistor. There are indicators on the Transmitter and Receiver, so you can know that the circuit is powered. For the clarity of sound, we have used a potentiometer. To avoid the distortion, better place the Transmitter and Receiver in the dark or cover them with some dark strip. So, the external lights cannot affect the quality of the output sound. Avoid Aiming receiver directly at LCD Tvs or CFL/incandescent lamps for better results.


  • Transistors
  • Capacitors
  • Resistors
  • Potentiometer
  • IR Receiver
  • IR transmitter
  • Red LED
  • Power supply

Circuit Diagram

Transmitter Circuit

Receiver Circuit

Wireless Headphones using IR circuit Explanation

The Audio input passes from the resistor and capacitor. Transistors T1 and T2 amplify the audio signal received from the source. So, Low Impedance output windings are used for connection to the source side, whereas high impedance windings are connected to the IR transmitter. The IR transmitter can be powered from a 9-volt mains adapter or battery, Red LED1 in transmitter circuit works as a Zener diode (0.65V) as well as supply –on the indicator.

IR Receivers uses 3 –Stage Transistors. The first two transistors (T4 and T5) from the audio signal amplifier while the third Transistor T6 drives a Headphone.

Hence, using this wireless IR Headphones, you can transmit audio signals using an infrared connection. This wireless IR Headphones has two parts: Transmitter and Receiver.

This is not an RF transmitter, so you will need to design both parts of the application.
Using this infrared audio signal transmitter, you can make an infrared cordless headphone, and that can be very useful. Without using some special devices, this electronic Project can be used over a 6 meters range. The transmitter circuit uses an output transformer (in reverse) to couple the TV to the IR transmitter and T1 and T2 transformers amplify the audio signal from the audio transformer.

The IR receiver module uses a three-stage transistor amplifier and the VR2 or the potentiometer is used so we can adjust the clarity. To have high efficiency and a maximum range for this IR circuit direct photo-transistor towards IR LEDs of the Transmitter.
Both of these circuits need to be powered by a 9 volts DC power supply so you can use portable batteries.

So, That is it!!!

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