stray error Arduino

Stray Error Arduino – How to fix Stray Error in Arduino??

stray error Arduino
stray error Arduino

Stray error arduino.

One of the common errors you will see while programming your Arduino is a stray error. There are a number of causes for it. It is usual to see the following stray errors in your code,

  • error stray ‘ 342’ in program.
  • error stray ‘#’ in program.
  • or stray ‘ 315’ in program.
  • stray ‘\’ in program .
  • stray ‘\302’ in program.
  • error stray ‘ 240’ in program.

It is quite frustrating to deal with all these errors. Watch the video to get rid of this error or continue reading.

Why you get Stray errors?

If you are having a stray error on the compilation of code, it is most likely that you have copied the code from any website which has Unicode characters.

The characters are most likely hidden characters and therefore you see stray error in the blank spaces.

How to get rid of Stray error?

when you will have this error, the compiler will indicate the line. All you have to do is to remove the invalid characters. The invalid character may or may not be visible. If you cannot see any character just remove the space before the line.

After removing all the invalid spaces and characters, your code will compile fine.

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